Blood Bowl Warhammer 40K Alien Pods

Whilst sculpting the Chaos Dwarf Predators, Rykar Jove suggested sculpting some Alien Balls or Aliens Eggs / Pods and he provided an initial piece of artwork for his idea I thought these would be a good compliment with the Chaos Dwarf Predators. Rykar produced the following greens and as you can see there is very… Continue reading Blood Bowl Warhammer 40K Alien Pods

“Soon The Hunt Will Begin” – Chaotic Space Dwarfs

I had been thinking it would be good to get a Chaos Dwarf Predator sculpted. My original intention was to get one sculpt and have an option of two heads. One of the head options would be with a mask and the other would be bareheaded and this brief was given over to the sculptor… Continue reading “Soon The Hunt Will Begin” – Chaotic Space Dwarfs

“By Your Command” – Evil Space Dwarfs

I have long wanted to have some Cylon Dwarfs sculpted to use for Blood Bowl as alternative Star Players. I decided the original Cylons from the 1980’s Battlestar Galactica movie and TV show would give a better feel and be more suited to Blood Bowl than the newer Cylons from the TV show a couple… Continue reading “By Your Command” – Evil Space Dwarfs