Painted Predator Jedi & Sith Xenomorph

Painted Predator Jedi & Sith Xenomorph painted by myself Master Yautja the Predator Jedi Master using a large selection of Vallejo paints. The lightsabers were done using the Vallejo Fluorescent paints layered over a Flat base color Below is Darth Xenomaul the Xenomorph Sith. I tried a somewhat different technique on this miniature that I… Continue reading Painted Predator Jedi & Sith Xenomorph

Star Bowl Strikes Back

My friend Rykar Jove currently has a Blood Bowl Star Bowl Kickstarter campaign running at the moment. This will be his second Star Bowl campaign His first campaign was hugely popular, heres a couple of photos of painted miniatures from his first campaign Star Bowl Episode 1 Painted by Simone Tornaghi of the burnout 75… Continue reading Star Bowl Strikes Back

“Soon The Hunt Will Begin” – Chaotic Space Dwarfs

I had been thinking it would be good to get a Chaos Dwarf Predator sculpted. My original intention was to get one sculpt and have an option of two heads. One of the head options would be with a mask and the other would be bareheaded and this brief was given over to the sculptor… Continue reading “Soon The Hunt Will Begin” – Chaotic Space Dwarfs