September Resin Casts

Received some more resin castings this week. Firstly “Blakk ‘NG Dekkaargh” the Ogre Chainsaw Blood Bowl star player sculpted by Rykar Jove Second casting is an old metal miniature that has been recast in resin. We welcome back the Ogre Mutant Blood Bowl star player Grunnhgh Nh’ Thirg “The Grinder” again sculpted by Rykar Jove. Size… Continue reading September Resin Casts

Ogre Chainsaw – “Blakk ‘NG Dekkaargh”

This miniature has long been in the planning, over 12 months. Originally it was scheduled to be the next sculpt after the Khonsu the Crocodile Skeleton thrower and before Rykar and myself got a little carried away with Cylons, Judges, Predators, Psychopaths etc…… Again its a throwback to 2nd Edition Blood Bowl when almost any… Continue reading Ogre Chainsaw – “Blakk ‘NG Dekkaargh”

Some more painted miniatures

Finally completed the larger Judge Dredd Warhammer miniatures Chief Justice Tuska (aka Judge Walrus) Judge Flask (aka Judge Hippo) Group shot Chief Justice Tuska & Judge Flask Group photo – Judge Ogre, Chief Justice Tuska & Judge Flask Group shot – Judge Ogre, Judge Grimm Weapon conversion, Chief Justice Tuska & Judge Flask Dwarf Supervillains… Continue reading Some more painted miniatures