Painted Predator Jedi & Sith Xenomorph

Painted Predator Jedi & Sith Xenomorph painted by myself Master Yautja the Predator Jedi Master using a large selection of Vallejo paints. The lightsabers were done using the Vallejo Fluorescent paints layered over a Flat base color Below is Darth Xenomaul the Xenomorph Sith. I tried a somewhat different technique on this miniature that I… Continue reading Painted Predator Jedi & Sith Xenomorph

October Resin Casts

This months resin casts, all sculpted by Rykar Jove First up some more Chaos Dwarf Supervillains Apocalypse Chaos Dwarf Galactus Chaos Dwarf Mysterio Chaos Dwarfs Thanos Chaos Dwarf Group photo of the Chaos Dwarf Supervillains   Chaotic Space Dwarfs Redux resin casts, these are castings of the amended Predator resin masters First up the Predator… Continue reading October Resin Casts

Blood Bowl Warhammer 40K Alien Pods

Whilst sculpting the Chaos Dwarf Predators, Rykar Jove suggested sculpting some Alien Balls or Aliens Eggs / Pods and he provided an initial piece of artwork for his idea I thought these would be a good compliment with the Chaos Dwarf Predators. Rykar produced the following greens and as you can see there is very… Continue reading Blood Bowl Warhammer 40K Alien Pods