Some painted miniatures

Managed to do a little painting over the last couple of weeks Painted version of Lord Buckethead (sculpted by Geoff Solomon-Sims) Painted HellDwarf miniature (sculpted by Rykar Jove) Painted versions of Bulk & Banner (sculpted by Rykar Jove) Painted version of Mad Myers the Dwarf Psychopath (sculpted by Rykar Jove) RoboDwarf (sculpted by Rykar Jove)… Continue reading Some painted miniatures

HoHoHo – Blood Bowl Santa

Back in July 2017, I was discussing with Geoff at Oakbound Studios about some further sculpts. This was around the same time we discussed the Lord Buckethead sculpt. I was keen to have a Blood Bowl Christmas miniature, something that echoed the flavour of some of the old Citadel Miniatures Christmas releases. I always felt… Continue reading HoHoHo – Blood Bowl Santa

Intergalactic Spacelord

During the UK’s 2017 General Election of last summer was quite intrigued by the candidate who stood against Theresa May in her constituency Going by the name of moniker of Lord Buckethead and promising “strong but not entirely stable leadership”. I thought he looked an interesting character. Below is a photo of the offending character… Continue reading Intergalactic Spacelord