Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Blitzer “Phobos Vulcan”

A few months into 2017 and I had been thinking I wanted to have a few more sculpts commissioned this year but still wanting to keep within the Blood bowl framework. Using some of the artwork from the Blood Bowl Team Manager games as inspiration I set about finding another sculptor to work with and… Continue reading Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Blitzer “Phobos Vulcan”

Blood Bowl Crocodile Skeleton – Khonsu

The idea for this mini came from a bit of “Blood Bowl Fluff” from the Living Rulebook 5 (or was it LRB6) I cannot remember. The star “Khonsu”was originally a star in the FUMBBL League. The person who wrote the fluff for LRB (Ithilkir from TalkFantasyFootball fame) actually played in the FUMBBL League and had… Continue reading Blood Bowl Crocodile Skeleton – Khonsu

Blood Bowl Skaven Obese Project

A few years ago I commissioned Rykar Jove (a name you will become familiar with in these coming pages) to sculpt a Skaven Obese Miniature for me. I was always a big admirer of Rykars work after seeing a number of Skaven and Beastman conversions he had done. The aim was to create a model similar to a sketch from White Dwarf No.86 (below) which showed a Star Player of the Skaven Scramblers Blood Bowl team called Glart Smashrip. This was based on an article for the 1st edition of Blood Bowl before it moved to the astrogranite pitch of 2nd edition

Skaven Obese

This below is what Rykar came up with as a concept sketch, which led to further discussion regarding how big “obese” actually is in the Blood Bowl world.

Rykars Skaven Obese


The discussion regarding how fat truly obese is eventually became the basis for this beast in green form below. One thing I was particularly keen on was that the mini echoed the theme of 2nd edition and 3rd edition Blood Bowl and Rykar captured this perfectly. The only thing is that he is on the large side even compared to standard 3rd edition Skaven but when put side by side with the 3rd edition Skaven stars (such as Hakflem) he does not look too out of place.

unnamed (7)unnamed (5)

After showing this to a few friends I decided to have a few of these cast up in metal..

Skaven Obese Metal

There was quite a bit of demand for this and in all I think that over 80 minis were cast in metal (I definitely didnt cast more than 100 copies anyway). Eventually the mini was sold out and I decided to cease selling them in metal and decided to hand over production of the mini to Impact Miniatures who now sell him in Trollcast plastic.

Incidentally its really interesting to see that in the new incarnation of Blood Bowl that Glart Smashrip has made a comeback as a Star Player.