New Resin Sprues

3 New resin sprues Spidey Gobbo, Gobbo Vulture & SuperHalfling   Dr Orktopus, Rykars Sharkman Chainsaw & Rykars Skeleton Werewolf Deadpool Dwarf (no weapons), Wolverine Dwarf, Punisher Dwarf (no weapons) & Helldwarf (no weapons)

New Resin Castings

Two new resin casting sprues arrived this week Firstly ALFwerener, DraculAlf and Blood Bowl ALF Second sprue, Magneto Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf Deathlord, ET & Assassins Creed Dwarf View of DraculAlf resin copies Resin copies of WerewAlf Last year I bought the rights and moulds to Four A Miniatures – Alien Life Form sculpt and this… Continue reading New Resin Castings