Cthulhu Sculpt

Y’Golonac from the Cthulhu Mythos sculpted by Alan Maguire of AM Sculpting

Here are the initial work in progress photos Alan sent

I decided that the sculpt needed bulking out and making a little fatter

Here are some photos from Alan of the completed sculpt

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is received_791082348291255.jpeg

Here are some photo taken by myself

Here is a scale photo as you can see Y’Golonac stands at approx 50mm to top of the neck

3 thoughts on “Cthulhu Sculpt

    1. Yeah I think it is Wax or maybe putty over Corks. Normally the armatures are set into cork as this allows the sculptor to pick up the sculpt and move it whilst he works on it
      Dont know the significance of the wax, maybe to stop the greenstuff or sculpting putty sticking to the cork. With wax it might be easier to remove sculpt from the cork

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      1. Oh yea, with the stickiness of green stuff that makes sense. I sometimes lay down a piece of wax paper if I’ve used some green stuff on a base, to keep it from sticking. Thanks!

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