Blood Bowl Pogo Troll

The idea for this sculpt comes from an old set of rules published in one of the very old Blood Bowl Compendiums from the 4th Edition of the game

Pogo Troll1

Pogo Troll2

Pogo Troll3Pogo Troll4

This is a sculpt that Rykar and I have been discussing for many years

Here are some photos from Rykar of the sculpting process starting with the armature


As you can see from the photos below body has been bulked up more on the armature and the head has been sculpted. This is Rykars first ever Troll sculpt have to say hes captured it perfectly


Little more work on the sculpt with one of the arms and both feet now sculpted


Below is a photo of the completed sculpt


Here are some further photos that I have taken

Finally a scale photo

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