Starship Crew

Sometime ago I showcased Rykar Jove’s Goblin Starship Officer Splock as pictured below


Rykar decided he would like to sculpt some further crew members below are two photos that he sent initially


Below E.T., ALF, Grey, Volm & Conehead

star trek minis.jpg

Here are some further photos I have taken


Lieutenant Grey


Commander Volm

20191209_150757.jpg20191209_152548 (1).jpg20191209_152601.jpg20191209_151056.jpg

Lieutenant Commander Conehead

20191209_150659_resized (1).jpg20191209_152615 (1).jpg20191209_152629.jpg20191209_151115.jpg

Dr. E.T. the medical officer

20191209_150715_resized.jpg20191209_152334 (1).jpg20191210_203052.jpg20191209_151040.jpg

Captain ALF


Here is a group photo


Here is a photo of the group alongwith the Gobbo Splock


Photo of Gobbo Splock & ALF

20191209_152730 (1).jpg

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