Alien Pods Redux

I decided to bring these back and have them cast in resin as they were enormously popular when cast in metal (photographed below)


Rykar Jove the sculptor of the original pieces had to do some work in thickening the legs/claws & tail and also the initial idea was to separate the jumping Facehugger from the egg to make it a 2 piece model

These are the photos Rykar sent through


In addition we decided to convert one of the original open mouthed eggs and add a Facehugger crawling down the egg


I actually got a little more than I bargained for here……

Not only did I get the original Facehugger leaping out of the egg touched up as below, with a thicker tail20191015_124542_resized.jpg

I also received an additional 2 Facehuggers

The first additional Facehugger sculpt separated the body from the egg


The second additional Facehugger was a completely separate sculpt on its own with the proboscis not prominent (as photographed below). I suppose this can be used as a stand alone Facehugger or could be attached to an egg


The final sculpt was the Facehugger crawling down the open egg


Here is a group photo


Rykar went beyond the call of duty here, thanks my friend


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