Techno Viking Dwarf

This is another miniature that Rykar sculpted without me knowing.

May I present the Techno Viking Dwarf.


This is based on a YouTube video that went viral almost 2 decades ago. The video below is from the 2000 Fuckparade in Berlin.

The guy became an internet sensation and was nicknamed the Techno Viking, the persons real identity remains shrouded in mystery.

Rykar was a big fan of the video and wanted to sculpt a miniature in homage of this. He decided to sculpt a dwarf version of this.

Here are some further photographs of the sculpt.




Scale shot


Back view


Really like this sculpt lots and lots of character, think Rykar has done a fantastic job on this.

One thought on “Techno Viking Dwarf

  1. Yea, fantatic job by Rykar! I totally forgot about Techno Viking, but recognized the sculpt immediately. Great likeness. Hard to believe the real guys identity isn’t known. That’d be a hard thing to hide from.


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