ALF Werewolf aka ALFverner

I have had a few different ideas for forthcoming miniatures and one of the ideas was for an ALF Werewolf or ALFverner / ALFwerener. Once again sculpted by Rykar Jove

I wanted something that looked like a vicious version of ALF.

Think Rykar has captured this beautifully once again as you can see in the following photos


Side on photos shows the werewolfs snarling face more clearly20180313_113453_resized


This photos shows the facial features and claws more clearly20180313_113511_resized

As you can see the transformation into Werewolf has done wonders to ALF’s physique

The miniature actually reminds me a touch of the American Werewolf in London beast. Maybe that was also part of Rykars inspiration

This gone to the casters today so hopefully I should have some resin copies available in 4-6 weeks

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