Warhammer Chaos Dwarf Amazon

In addition to having some Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs sculpted by Oakbound Studios, I was also keen to have a female Chaos Dwarf sculpted. I wanted this to be a Dwarf version of the old Kinky Chaosette / Chaos Amazon artwork and mini that Citadel Miniatures released all those years ago

This is the relevant artwork


I asked Geoff Solomon-Sims to sculpt this as I know he has experience of doing similar miniatures. He himself sculpted a re-imagined version of the Chaosette a few years ago which was called the May Queen

Below is the green of Geoff’s Dwarf version


With some additional angles below

Chaos Dwarf Amazon1

The miniature itself is quite tall primarily because of the huge 70’s Glam Rock platform shoes the dwarfette is wearing. I think Geoff has perfectly nailed the Dwarven female features

Below is the metal casting front and back views. Casting quality was very good



Great job once again

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