Blood Bowl Lobo Dwarf

During our discussions Rykar Jove mentioned that he would like to sculpt a new version of the Lobo sculpt he did a few years back (shown below)


Rykar mentioned that he would like to sculpt a Dwarf version of Lobo, which would compliment some of the Dwarf Supervillains he had sculpted for me. This seemed like a great idea. Below is the green he produced, I personally think this shows the huge improvement in Rykar’s sculpting skills over the last couple of years. The Dwarf Lobo has much more detail and personality



Again these were cast up in metal (shown below) using some resin masters and again we faced some small casting flaws in the metal miniatures. There have been small flaws in Lobo’s jacket where it joins with the body, I suppose it has to be expected due to the complicated nature of the spikey hair.

s-l1600 (13)s-l1600

Below is a photograph of the resin master, which clearly highlights the detail on the miniature

Lobo Dwarf Resin Master

Lobo The Main Dwarf painted



Alongside Ghost Rider Dwarf


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