“Soon The Hunt Will Begin” – Chaotic Space Dwarfs

I had been thinking it would be good to get a Chaos Dwarf Predator sculpted. My original intention was to get one sculpt and have an option of two heads. One of the head options would be with a mask and the other would be bareheaded and this brief was given over to the sculptor Rykar Jove

After discussing it with Rykar Jove he made it clear that it wouldn’t be possible to sculpt alternate heads as the rasta hair on the Predators would make this very difficult if not impossible. So we decided to sculpt two different miniatures in two different poses one with a mask and the other showing the hideous Predator face beneath the mask.

As sculpting began Rykar advised that he would also be making a third Predator sculpt, as he couldn’t decide between some poses so decided to just make a third sculpt

Rykar produced these incredible sculpts, I actually think this is his best ever work, the details and look of the miniatures is absolutely amazing


Unfortunately these Predator Chaos Dwarfs were very difficult to produce in white metal and many of the hair spikes and fist spikes either snapped off or didn’t cast at all and eventually the complicated nature of the sculpts tore and destroyed the metal mould. Fortunately we also had resin masters created and whilst we have done a limited test run in resin the results were also far from perfect in resin with some minor flaws in resin production also. The strange thing is the damage to the metal castings occurred in different areas to the flaws in the resin casting

So we looked for a solution and came up with the idea of slightly retouching the resin masters in the hope that we can in future get some better results either from metal or resin casting. Below are the retouched Predators as you can see the rasta hair has been flattened against the body and we are hoping this will resolve the problem. Rykar Jove also decided he would like a Blood Bowl version of the Predator so converted on of the masters and added in a ball.



At some time in the near future we will recast the above retouched masters and hope for better results than the first time around….

Some painted Predators



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