Judge Dredd meets Warhammer

In March 2017 I was discussing with Rykar Jove about plans for miniatures and I mentioned that at some time in the future I would like to have a Dwarf version of Judge Dredd sculpted and produced. Rykar was very enthusiastic about this project and asked for further details and a design brief. After giving Rykar the brief we discussed future expansions and other potential miniatures. Rykar was very keen to start this project earlier and we eventually settled on a Judge Dwarf, Judge Halfling and a Judge ALF.

Below are the greens that Rykar has produced for this project


The world of Warhammer has met the world of 2000AD. Stunty City One was a rough place without justice and order. Eventually they looked to the Mega City for aid and the Mega City aided by recruiting and training Judges for Stunty City. Judge Grimm the dwarf is the bravest and most fearsome of the new judges, he is said to have trained under Dredd himself. Judge Grimm and his cohorts  Judge Tiny the halfling & Psi-Judge Melmac the Alien Life Form (ALF) have slowly brought a small measure of peace and justice to Stunty City


Below is the metal castings of the minis20170715_184003 (1)Judges Metal

Initially when I saw the greens Psi-Judge Melmac stood out but once they have been cast up I have to say I like Judge Grimm best. They all compliment each other quite well and make a great little group

Painted by me


Painted version of Psi-Judge Melmac, painter has done a lovely job on this

Judge Melmac Painted

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